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Jackson Van Horn

Director, Producer, Writer

Jackson Van Horn is a Japanese-American, award-winning filmmaker. He was born in New York City and has spent the majority of his life in The Bronx. Attending a small public school, he didn’t have the resources to learn traditional filmmaking, so in middle school, he began taking advantage of free, online film resources. Every day after school, he watched video classes on a variety of topics from production to marketing and spent hours viewing budget-filmmaking tutorials. He then put his independent learnings into action and produced a wide range of videos for his YouTube channel- comedy skits, product reviews, vlogs.


In high school, he began to develop his voice as a storyteller, along with a strong desire to shed light on underrepresented groups and share their stories which haven’t been widely told– stories that present an uncommon American experience, that depict mental health authentically and/or challenge the viewers’ beliefs. In addition to genuine storytelling, Jackson prioritizes diversity and inclusion in his productions, both in front of and behind the camera. While still in high school, he launched his own equity and sustainability plan, outlining diversity goals for current and future projects:


Since the start of his film career, Jackson has won several student film festival awards and has directed and worked on an Emmy®-nominated New York City television show. Jackson currently attends the USC School of Cinematic Arts, majoring in Film and Television Production. As a Freshman, he worked in a variety of capacities (Director, Technical Director, Associate Producer) on Soundstage, a talk show on USC’s student-run television station, Trojan Vision. He has directed and produced several short films aligning with class assignments, and projects outside of school, including music videos. 


In the immediate future, he aims to continue inclusive hiring and sustainable productions as a student filmmaker. Eventually he plans to enjoy a successful career and to help promote diversity in the film industry.


Short Films


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Final TItle

Password: 310

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Password: 310


Recognition and Awards

⟪ APAA Jon M. Chu Award ⟫

RKA Roar

Film Fest


RKA Roar

Film Fest


RKA Roar

Film Fest


RKA Roar Film Fest 2019

Sofia won "Best Screenplay" and "Best Cinematography"

RKA Roar Film Fest 2018

An extended BronxNet Internship and NYC park viewing was awarded for Fortnite Feud


RKA Roar Film Fest 2017

Footprints won for "Most Informative". Jackson also was awarded an internship with news station BronxNet.

APA Film Festival - Official Selection - 2024.png
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