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Founded by Jackson Van Horn, Vanmoto Media was created to help launch a new generation of entertainers. The name "Vanmoto" comes from Jackson's two last names, "Van Horn" and "Matsumoto". As a Japanese-American, his heritage is always an important part of his identity. The name represents both cultures merged into one. Similar to the combined name, the company Vanmoto hopes to bring people together through media, regardless of their background. 

We developed three core values:

Helping a new generation of creatives.

& Inclusion


What we do:

We are a media/film/tv production company. We work primarily with development, production logistics, and distribution. We prioritize stories and creatives from and about marginalized groups.

Our Projects:

The Team

Founder, CEO

Lynn Matsumoto - Associate Producer
Lessly Hernandez - Distribution Manager
Serafina Jacobson Walsh - Assistant Producer
Kimya Jalinous - Lead Growth Strategist
Dovely King - VMFSP Mentor
Kayla Wong - VMFSP Mentor
Holly Hodges - VMFSP Mentor

Vanmoto Media Equity Plan

Learn how you can make your productions

more inclusive to promote a diverse industry!

Video Editors

The Vanmoto Media Global Roster

A new way to connect with creatives.
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